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Hongxun Steel Structure·Service Items

12 years focused on steel structure design and construction

Hongxun Steel Structure·Excellent project cases

Common choice of 975 sets of steel structure buildings
One stop steel structure construction service provider
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+86 18038219036

Hongxun Steel Structure·Four advantages

12 years focused on steel structure design and construction
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    The source of 12 years of experience in steel structure design and construction, with complete equipment

    The factory covers an area of about 14115 square meters, with advanced large-scale steel structure production equipment and production lines, which can realize large-scale production and manufacturing;

    975 sets of steel structure cases have been successfully completed, and the construction cases have spread to 32 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, etc;

    It has won 11 qualification certificates, and its products have passed ISO, SGS, BV, safety production and other certification;

  • 02

    975 sets of steel structure cases were successfully completed, and special types of work were employed with certificates

    Strict steel structure production and processing technology, independent and controllable, to ensure the quality of steel structure products;

    The construction process is rigorous and standardized, the site management experience is rich, and the professional engineers follow up the whole process;

    Regularly conduct comprehensive inspection and supervision on the actual conditions of the construction quality, safety, progress, etc. of the steel structure construction site under construction;

  • 03

    The company has 45 technicians of various steel structures

    The company has 45 professional technical teams of steel structures, 75% of which have more than five years of technical experience in steel structures

    We can design various types of steel structure buildings for you, such as steel structure factory, steel structure warehouse, steel structure garage, steel structure supermarket, steel structure office, steel structure stadium, etc;

    Use advanced design software at home and abroad for blueprint design, perspective drawing and construction drawing to provide you with customized steel structure deepening scheme;

  • 04

    Specially assigned personnel will serve you 7 * 24 hours, and the construction period will be delayed

    Before construction: On site investigation and research, scheme design, and tailoring scientific steel structure building solutions;

    During construction: The engineer follows up the whole process one-to-one, feeds back the project progress in real time, and ensures the safe construction and timely delivery of the project;

    After delivery: 15 minute quick response, 24-hour door-to-door service in the province, one-year warranty service, and regular maintenance;

  • More experience
    More experience
  • Better construction quality
    Better construction quality
  • Better design ability
    Better design ability
  • More comprehensive service
    More comprehensive service

Certificate of Honor

The company has won 11 qualification certificates

About us

About us
Cambodia Steel Structure_ Hongxun Construction Co., Ltd

Cambodia Steel Structure_ Hongxun Construction Co., Ltd

Specialized environmental governance comprehensive service enterprise

Dongguan Hongxun Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a large steel structure construction enterprise in South China, integrating research, development, design, production, sales and installation of light steel, heavy steel structure engineering, municipal engineering, steel structure materials and steel products. The company is a development oriented enterpris...


Customized process

Strict steel structure production and processing technology

Steel structure design drawing/production drawing


Material preparation/cutting


Steel structure production


Container loading and delivery


Construction: foundation embedded parts


Construction: steel structure installation


Construction: beam hoisting


Construction: maintenance system installation


Acceptance and completion

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